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Apple iPhone 7 Rumor

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Apple Inc.

Empowered with beauty & Quality

Apple, I am excited and have goose bumps all over the body, yet another event from Apple Inc. I am no way back in this world; all my soul is lost in the beauty and essence of the new release from the Apple.

I am eager and desperate to know all about the new features and design of the emperor of phone, the brand of the brand that rules the world in every way. It has no competitors and no phone has that flare to compete. It is distantly unique in its own way describing the curving and blending beautiful glossy finishing out cut curvy design with 6.1 mm of thickness (based on the rumor over the internet). The shining and smooth screen that slides your finger to feel the sensation & essence of smoothness of flowers.  The first touch and use of the iPhone 7, your nerve and veins will get stimulate blood enjoying with the beauty of its quality ever since seen or felt.

The single smooth touch design crafted intellectually with the sensor of 3D lets you into the world of the Apple where you will be astonished with the delicious treat and your senses to perceive the features of your IPhone 7. The most memorable moments of the life comes into the life, taking you back to the memories of joy and  happiness, you had with the most special people of your life.  This possibility of ecstasy is acoustically comes with the powerful enable vivid camera.

I begin a tech geek was excited bound with happiness and thrill to discover more features that has enhanced with the new version of this IPhone 7. I am sure that it would take me to different level and different world of technology embed within six inches of the beauty.

Sensation of touch taken new level- The multilevel 3D Touch

The iPhone 7 your newer and dashing buddy, sense the way interact and handle it. It sensors so powerful has the potential to register the pressure that applied by you to revel more it. The IPhone 7 introduce us to the advanced functionality and amazing experience perceiving the additional sensation of multi-touch functionality and gesture that includes various actions like Tapping and swipe to discover more features of it. All these operations and functionality is handled by the PEEK and POP.

Peek and POP

That sounds really funny, just a light touch to peek and see what actually happening around the world. And a deeper touch actually pops you into the world to its roots.

A summary of email, a thumbnail of picture capture previously or any website or any content, you can have quickie with it just a touch to peek. If you want a deeper knowledge about it, you need press lightly harder to pop in to it entirely.

Quick Actions (Shortcut on the GO!)

Now Quickie is as faster as your sense are, all you need to tap to message you special one or take instant selfie to share with the friends. All task are customized to be performed with a single touch to make it happen. All you need a fewer steps from home screen like videos, hanging out with friends, single swipe to reach your contacts or peek in into your content.

iOS 10 makes it lively feeling with embedded 3D Touch and works magnificently with the day to day tasks making them more lively. Flash 3D touch recording with Notes app, where you can bring your ideas to reality to add more color and creativity. Drawing a idea is more simple with the multi-tasking 3D touch making it more alluring and beautiful

Advance 12-Megapixel Camera

Camera shots of the iPhone are most popularly known for its quality and resolution. Add more megapixels to the existing quality to enhance the quality of the camera. This brings the captured pictures with added quality of color, ambiance and making the picture more realistic. Video has received as touch of expertise enriching its quality to 1080p HD video resolution.

Taking about the front camera giving everyone an opportunity to explore the madness of selfie, giving it a touch of more magical resolution of colors. Get your memories to live with the most amazing feature of IPhone live photos.


The IPhone 7 is empowered with the more advance customized with the heavy load sustaining capability 64-bit A9 chip. It is potentially powerful and capable of providing the performance that can be seen in only in the desktops. The performance of CPU is more powerful and as faster as 70% more and GPU performance 90% faster, that gets the games and app more lively with intensified graphics


The Design is taken a new peak, alluring, enthralling and mesmerizing glossy and shiny finishing and glowing Apple brand logo at the rare. It is built of 7000 Series aluminium case and it graded equal to the aerospace quality of the material. The display glass is more smooth, strongest and durable glass used ever with any one with smartphone. The option with the color has been one more added to group of; silver, gold, gray and now rose gold.


The Security of IPhone 7 is the most secure most of the history; been embed with the advance sensor of the fingerprint to unlock the phone. It is been optimized to perform more faster than before.


Advance faster LTE and Faster Wi-Fi. The advance LTE works more efficiently with enhanced quality of the connectivity higher speeds when compared to legacy. The downloads has been simplified with the faster and clear channel connectivity

iOS 10

The world of technology having been embeds with the operation system of iOS 10. It has been never imagined or ever seen the quality of enhancement with wonder intelligence and most powerful security for you entire piece of device. Siri has been empowering with most advanced features and enhancements making the device smarter and efficient than ever. N number of apps works parallel with enchanted deeper integration of the advance hardware makes the device more enthralling.


The Accessories of the IPhone 7 are designed as same as the quality of the of the device. The Cases built of pure leather and silicone adds a more stylish look to the device and enhancing the safety of the device. The charging point has been more realistic with lightning Docks of different color matching the metallic finishes.