DU Battery Saver App

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DU Battery Saver App empowers your android mobile phone optimizing and increasing its performance and ensure it battery life is extended to more than 50% than ever before.  It keeps track of the operation & functions of your phone and kills battery hogging apps that shorten battery life of your phone and reduces the functionality.

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DU Battery Saver

Installing the DU Battery App greatly optimizes the power of your battery assuring you with the extended and effective use of the battery. It is the one of the most trusted Battery Saver App with almost 400 million users around the world. The features like advanced power management mode, One-touch controls and healthy battery charger mode fix most of your battery problems and increase the life of your battery.

DU Group is committed to provide a safe mobile experience by restricting the malicious promotional ads or pages. You can also be a part of this program by notifying them about such malicious ads.

Why DU Battery Saver App?

Single Click Optimization

It easily identifies the power consumption apps running in the background; terminates the hogging apps with single click optimizing the power of the battery for longer extended use.

Pre-Defined Settings

Pre-defined setting helps you choose the most optimal setting that saves the battery of the phone for longer use or you chose the option that better describes your requriments.


The cooler feature of the app brings down the temperature of the phone to safe zone by identifying & terminating the CPU-intensive apps.  Thereby increasing the performance of your phone

Battery Saver & Battery Monitor

The impeccable feature of this app monitors entire phone to identify the most power draining apps that are contiguously running in the background reducing the power and life of the battery backup. It also notifies the user about, how much battery power will be recovered by using the 1tap saving mode.  It also lists out all of the apps that are running in the background and rates of the power consumption in the app manager.  It clearly shows the life of battery and current usage.

Power Saving Widget

The power saving widget optimizes the power consumption of your phone by terminating the apps that are running recurrently in the background. It monitors entire device and customizes the function and operations accordingly to saver battery life and ensure it last longer than before.

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DU Battery Saver App