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Janatha Garage!!!! Say loud Janatha Garage!!!!!! Released worldwide today 31st of August


  1. NTR playing the lead the role with the actress Samantha and Nitya Menon

Kortala Siva, has exclusively written the story for Jr. NTR and the production house Mythri Movie Makers created is hype of the movie. The Cast of the movie that includes top names like JR.NTR, Mohanlal, Nithya Menon, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, unni mukundan, I believe that the movie would be completely an entertainer. 

The Director Kortala Siva with bunch of top class movie & hits has created a belief among the fans and people that the movie would be another top class box office hit. It has boosted expectations more & more from the movie.

Story Line Up

Anand (Jr. NTR) an IIT graduate driven and influenced in belief of protecting the nature. He is an ecologist or a nature lover or eco-activist concerned about the nature and wellbeing of the nature & people.

The movie story line up goes like this as nature lover he encourages people to plant saplings on the other hand he fights against industries and sectors who tries to destroy the environment.

Mohanlal plays the role of social activists (uncle of JR. NTR) who tries to fight against the social injustice brooding over the lives of the people. But due to some strong reasons he doesn’t show up in agitation or try protest against the brutal injustice going in the city. He keeps quite against all odds and waiting for a day and the right person who is capable to tackle all the chaos.

 Anand starts staying with his uncle (Mohanlal) at Janatha Garage after graduation in meanwhile he comes to know about the destruction of the environment and forest by mining mafia.

Jr. NTR ecologist, a nature lover couldn’t withstand the illegal activities and destruction of the forest. He warns Unni Mukundan (plays a negative role in the movie) to withdraw his activities and stop destruction of the nature. Biggest twist is when he comes know that the father of Unni Mukundan is Mohanlal, a social activist and very good man in nature, based on background of villain; he gives many changes to Unni Mukundan to stop illegal activities. Despite of his warnings Unni does change himself that makes Jr. NTR decide to fight against the culprits. The theme of movie is save nature and plant as many as saplings to create a better living place.

The Samantha’s a glamorously beautiful and hot in the movie, and her naturally dedicated acting skill makes the movie more alluring and interesting. Nithya menon turns out to be the biggest twist of the movie. Isn’t that all sound interesting, book your ticket and let’s make this weekend more interesting and fun.

After reading this you would like to explore more about the movie and want to explore every detail of the movie right?

And never to forget the hot song featuring Kajal Agarwala :

Nenu Pakka local pakka local

nenu pakka localoo

Nenu vaadee Gaajull koka Raikall

Anni Ooramaasoo lekkaloo

Definitely a fun, drama, action teaser will tickle your movie & dancing desire, and DSP music is sensible in the movie

The movie is a bilingual featured in Malayalam and Telugu released in India, USA, UK, Singapore, and many other nations across the globe.

Jr. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (JR. NTR) the name itself carries the legacy of the natural in born acting skill Keeps you mesmerized makes you to enjoy the movie. 

Jr. NTR his outstanding style and attitude is out of the box and completely satisfies and meets the expectations of the audiences and fans.

According to the latest news received #first half is good-nurtured but the second half and pre climax is a bit dragging and finally comes to end.

However it’s a good flick and if kortala would have foucsed on the climax and pre climax it would have made more noise in the box office.

Movie Janatha Garage
Directed by     Koratala Siva
Produced by    C.V.Mohan,

Y.Ravi shankar,

Naveen Yerneni.

Production house Mythri movie makers
Written by Koratala Siva
Star cast JR.NTR, Mohanlal, Nithya Menen, Samantha ruth prabhu, unni mukundan
Music  Devi sri prasad
Edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara rao
Cinematography Tirru



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