Paneer King Melt Burger

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Is it a party time and you would love to treat your foodie friends with amazing, luscious, mouth-watering and delicious fast food?

“Knock The Door” Yes you heard it right you need to know the door of the Burger King one the biggest chains with millions of satisfied customer around the world.

Get your Piece from Here Paneer king Melt Burger

Paneer King Melt Burger

A soft and tender paneer melts tickling your taste buds with spicy peppercorns (red, yellow & green) and chees bursts oozing out of the sesame seed buns; stacked with the toppings of tangy gherkins and also tomato herb mayonnaise. It’s a mouth-watering and luscious Panner king indulgent treat.

BK Recommends: Additional toppings of the cheese makes it more tempting and delicious

Burger King

The burger king is the second largest hamburger chains with more than 13,000 outlets in more than 100 countries across the world. We are hugely & widely known luscious quality of food that tickles your taste buds with pleasing sensation of satisfaction generating an tempting effect with the aromas  of the marinated spices and caramelized onions layered with rice, sliced onion and black peppercorns a royal experience to dine. Our aromatic signature recipes and friendly ambience creates an everlasting experience for lifetime. That makes us an elite brand with successful 50 Plus years.

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