SS Rajamouli Couldn’t Control his instinct to tweet after looking at the idea of the designer Jegan; Baahubali2 “The boy he raised, the man he killed

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A weekend just got more and more intensified and blissful with a sudden surprise from SS Rajamouli storming the hearts of fandom and expectations of the fans are growing to the peaks of unlimited heights. The release of the poster kattappa carrying little baby boy Bahubaali with deep affection and love that reflects on his actions and in his eyes; and kattappa stabs Bahubaali in the back an unexpected twist in the story of #baahubali. Since then it’s flaring the thoughts of the fans to discover or to know  “Why Kattappa killed #Baahubali2” #WKKB. The Loyal caretaker of #Baahubali2 “The boy he raised, the man he killed… #Baahubali2.   The fandom crossed fingers and waiting for the teaser that has been scheduled to be released on the March 16th, 2017. This unexpected surprise is just waving the social media and the internet. #Baahubali2 #WKKB #Baahubali #Baahubaliposter2 #Baahubal2film #anushkashetty #baahubali2release, #prabhas #baahubali2newposter #Baahubali2teaser #Baahubalinewteaser #Baahubali2newposter #whykattappakilledbaahubali

#Baahubali2 The new poster by the designer with the tagline “The boy he raised, the man he killed”. SS rajamouli added some spice to the weekend with the surprising release of the new poster that is designed by Jegan, impressed Rajamouli and he couldn’t stop himself, but tweet the new creative design of poster to the fans. It’s a double dhamaka to the people as elections results filled joy and happiness with the win-win environment of the Modi wave and at the  other hand director of #Bahubaali, #Baahubali2 S S Rajamouli added more beauty and bliss to the moment with the most eye catchy and alluring poster of #Baahubali2 that explains the relationship as well as the tickles the people thoughts about the most mysterious Question why did Kattappa Kill Baahubali and history in the poster tell completely a different story

The poster clearly explains the beauty of relationship between the Kattappa and Baahubali in the past and also features question why “Kattappa did killed Baahubali”

Speaking to fans in live conversation Rajamouli expressed his gratitude for making the Baahubali : The beginning such huge hit and in the first part of the movie he planned a twister the loyal Kattappa kills #Baahubali and he never expected that the climax scene will storm the entire world in such a huge rage and the entire film industry and fandom will be lost in the mystery to find out “#WKKB” and never expected it to be such a huge hit.

The Designer’s creativity is completely out of the box that displays the beauty of the relationship as well as  the most clueless question why Kattappa stabs #Baahubali in the back is depicted in the picture. #Baahubali2 #WKKB #Baahubali #Baahubaliposter2 #Baahubal2film #anushkashetty #baahubali2release, #prabhas #baahubali2newposter #Baahubali2teaser #Baahubalinewteaser #Baahubali2newposter #whykattappakilledbaahubali

SS Rajamouli also addresses that with the growing expectations of the fandom the movie is getting better and it becomes more challenging to deliver the best and meet the expectations of the fans, and it gets him inspired to think more and more rather than getting burdened. It’s a great opportunity as the expectations grow we are discovering something out of box and it is increasing the rage and interest in the fandom.

The most engaging question that has been kept very safely, from media and fans, almost 2 years now and will be soon answered on release day April 28th, 2017 “ Baahubali2 : The Conclusion” #WKKB “

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