The Mythology of the hindu festival Ugadi 2017 (Let’s Mark the beginning of new age with “Ugadi”)

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Ugadi (Mark the beginning of New age and New life)

According to our Hindu Mythology, Ugadi is the beginning of the new age or year. It’s our doctrine belief of traditions & Cultural beliefs that has been transmitted from our ancestor and carried from generations to generations. Our celebrations on this day will be ecstatic, special dishes, exceptionally colourful kolams on the floor of every house. The entrance of the house will be decorated with the mango and neem leaves known as toranalu or torana. We heartily welcome everyone to experience a mystic self-transcendence and experience bombastic feeling overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. Ugadi derived from the Sanskrit word Yuga (new age) di beginning.

Ugadi Special dish is “Ugadi Pachadi” the mixture of ripe Mango, neem flowers, ginger, jeera and Jaggery.

Here are list of items we use :

Aromas of neem flowers and ripe Mangoes

Tanginess of the Mangoes tickling your taste buds

Add Sweetness to life with Jaggery

A little taste to life with Salt

Let’s get little Spicy and Horny with  Chilies

Sourness of Tamarind

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