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Zoolz Smart technology Architecture and Intelligence cloud storage that simplifies the database storage errands. Now the Admin or user can easily store or retrieve the data from any part of the world. A simple keyword all you need to access the database and exactly retrieve the file that you’re looking. The feature of the Zoolz are:

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Instantly stream 4K and HD files

Highly secured

High file transfer rates

Easy to convert files to PDFS and vice versa

The technology of Zoolz is empowered by the Amazon AWS Server Infrasturcture.

Zoolz Custom plans is what makes it simplistic for the business to create a plan as per their requirements and needs. This feature greatly saves the cost incurred on the cloud storage. It’s a great advantage to choose the Zoolz Smart Cloud or Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Services.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

The Cloud storage technology is rapidly growing to explore the world on its finger tips and get any type of service like storage, data, storage, high productivity, accounting, communications, customer service and support, improve performance, addressing issues within a sec isn’t that luring & also enhance their business model to advanced level focusing on the growth of core business. Looking into these amazing services & benefits, the Zoolz Cloud one of the biggest and amazing innovations that has influenced the thoughts of the people and revolutionized the businesses to work smartly. The interest towards the adaption of the cloud services is rapidly growing making to organizations to provide instant and accurate services to their customer to embrace the growth and success. Thus generating the new business opportunities and thereby improving the performance of the company. And complete transformation from their IT legacy system to advance cloud computing environments.

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